As a rule, students are free to write the bachelor thesis on a topic of their choice. Often, homework or a lecture you have attended is the decisive factor for the choice of topic. If you have a lecturer from a past course well remembered, you can also contact them directly. The lecturer can either propose a specific topic or give initial ideas for finding a topic. At German universities, individual lecturers or professors are assigned to certain chairs, which in turn are thematically separated from one another. So if you want to write the bachelor thesis on a specific topic, then you should contact the professor or the lecturers of the respective chair. It is helpful if you already know the future supervisor and you are familiar with the requirements and main contents of the lecturer. Ideally, you should look for a topic and thus chair, for which you can inspire yourself. As a rule, it is easier for students to write their own chosen topic that suits their own interests.

As a rule, all chairs that are assigned to one’s own degree program are eligible for the supervision of the bachelor thesis. For example, those who study business administration can have a bachelor’s thesis supervised by all departments of this department. Exceptions here are international courses of study, which enable students to write their thesis at a foreign partner university. In case of doubt, these questions are regulated in the respective examination regulations or specific information can be clarified with the responsible examination office. In general, every lecturer in your own department can provide information about it. In principle, the choice of a specific subject area for the thesis also involves the choice of the supervisor and thus of the chair. The choice of topics should therefore be well thought out.

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