To avoid misunderstandings, we rely on close contact between customers and authors. The more material and information you can deliver to your author, the better he can adapt to your wishes. These include not only the content and ideas, but also the formal requirements of your university, which you should inform the ghostwriter before beginning the writing process.

If you are dissatisfied with the finished text and can reasonably justify this, we will of course rework it to your liking free of charge. If our authors have made serious mistakes (in terms of form or content) and you do not wish to revise them, you will of course receive your money back.

We work only with scientifically qualified and experienced authors and check every text before delivery for plagiarism and formal and content errors. Should it nevertheless come to serious omissions, we revise the text or refund you the paid fee back. Through our working methods, we guarantee you a scientifically flawless work that satisfies all requirements, both formally and scientifically.

What we can not guarantee, however, is the concrete rating of your work. Although grades should be awarded according to strictly objective and comprehensible criteria, this usually looks different in reality. Therefore we can not guarantee that you will receive your desired mark as we have no influence on the grading.

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