Once we have received the order from you, we are looking for a suitable author for you who is familiar with your subject area. We establish the contact between you and the author, whereby of course both sides can remain anonymous. You are free to contact the author in person (by phone or e-mail).

We recommend that our clients work as closely as possible with our experienced authors, as this will ensure that you will end up with the work that suits your needs. We also recommend a longer conversation with the ghostwriter at the beginning of the collaboration, in order to preserve all aspects and content To clarify questions directly. After that, you can of course continue to keep in touch by e-mail or make further telephone arrangements with your author. Depending on the scope of the work, you will receive partial deliveries on fixed dates, which will allow you to follow the work progress. These partial deliveries also give you the opportunity to comment on the work of your author and to express your wishes for change. It is important that you notify the author of your change requests or corrections in good time so that they can respond adequately. Throughout the writing process, you will have the opportunity to stay in contact with the author and to ask questions at any time.

Some clients do not want close personal collaboration with the author for various reasons, leaving the writing process entirely to our professional ghostwriters. Of course it is up to you which form of cooperation you choose. In any case, we make sure that we find the right author for you and coordinate the communication between you and the ghostwriter. Should it come to conflicts with the author, we intervene of course and look for a new author for you.

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